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  • Howler’s Den Anniversary Patches

    Howler’s Den Anniversary Patches

    Celebrate the Howler’s Den first birthday with a new limited patch! These iron-on patches, embroidered with gold thread, are easy to adhere to any howler jacket, shirt, or bag you’re sticking all your patches on. Warm the area with an iron on the hottest setting (don’t use steam!), place your patch, and press your iron…

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  • Howler’s Den Patches

    Howler’s Den Patches

    All proceeds from purchase of Den Patches go back into the Den for events and giveaways. 3×3 inches, embroidered iron-on patches. NOTE FOR SHIPPING: When checking out, a message may pop up indicating that shipping is not available for any of the patches in our store. This is because there is no cost for shipping…

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  • Pity Them. Patches

    Pity Them. Patches

    “Do not fear for me. Instead, pity them.” -Victra au Barca These Iron-on patches are a perfect addition to your Howler Jacket! Dimensions: 1in. x 3in Due to the merrowed border, ironing on may be difficult. Sewing or gluing may be required to attach to surface. NOTE FOR SHIPPING: When checking out, a message may…

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